Google announces 1,000 Scholarships worth $500,000

Mushtaq Khan
April 9, 2023
Google announces 1,000 Scholarships worth $500,000
Google announces 1,000 Scholarships worth $500,000

Google Scholarships

Exciting news Google has announces 1000 scholarships worth $500,00 for the people of Balochistan! Under the Google Career Certificate program. Google has collaborated with Tech Valley Pakistan to provide an amazing opportunity for 1,000. Balochistan youth to obtain scholarships worth a collective sum of $500,000.

The Google Career Certificate program is an online learning platform. Tthat provides various courses for students to learn new skills and improve their career prospects. This program offers a wide range of courses. Such as project management, digital marketing, IT support, advanced business intelligence, cyber security, and design. These courses are instructed by Google professionals and will be completed in just three to six months. When successful completion the courses, participants will receive a certificate from Google and will also be connected with potential employers. This is an excellent opportunity for the youth in Balochistan to develop new skills or enhance their existing skills, and subsequently contribute to the growth of Pakistan’s digital economy.

Abdul Aziz Aqeeli, the Chief Secretary of Balochistan. Expressed his excitement for this initiative and emphasized. How it will enable the youth of Balochistan to obtain modern skills and access job opportunities through technology. To further support this initiative, Google will provide 10 buses that will operate in different areas of Balochistan to help students with transportation.


If you are interested in applying for these scholarships, you can do so by visiting the “Grow with Google” website and completing the application form online. The deadline for applications is April 30, 2023, and anyone who is above 18 years old, has access to a computer, and has a good internet connection can apply. Enrollment in the courses does not require any prior experience or a degree.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the people of Balochistan to learn directly from Google. Experts and enhance their career prospects. If you are looking to take control of your future. Then take advantage of this golden opportunity and apply for a scholarship today.

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